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Rich Woodall and Joseph Shmalke invite you to step into the Electric Black.  

This 12 page preview edition has a print run of only 300 copies!

With your request we can have your copy autographed by both creators and include a Certificate of Authenticity for you.  Just make sure you request this in teh notes section on check out.

The Electric Black is a horror anthology involving a mysterious shop named The Electric Black. TEB exists in a pocket dimension and seemingly has a mind of its own. The shop appears to individuals that it intends to use or help journey down a dark path. The demonic proprietor/servant and regular narrator, Julius Black, and his partner (Jack) lead people through the shop displaying the cursed wares. Like the shop itself, Julius and Jack regularly manipulate the customers for their own devious purposes using objects from the shop. Each forbidden object might look normal but all have a dark past and secret to unlock. Those that enter the Electric Black never leave without something.